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Thanks for viewing the website for Alpha Storage.

We are hoping to provide you with the very best in Self-Storage solutions in the region. Please take the time to
look around and if you have any further enquiries, contact Francis on 0427 954 858 or you can email us - here.

We understand that the decision of where to place your valuables is personal and can sometimes be difficult
for lots of different reasons. We're here to help you make that decision easier.

We offer clean, safe, secure and very affordable storage options for all of your storage needs.

We sell storage boxes and can arrange insurance for your goods.

Call us. We're here to help make your life easier.

PH: 0427 954 858 (Francis)


Security of your goods is the most important consideration when looking at storage. Alpha Storage has the
best security available in the Lockyer Valley. Please feel free to discuss the security arrangements in the
facility you choose.


Alpha Storage provides an ideal solution for growing families or other that are moving. Need more room for a
new addition to the family but still want access 7 days a week. Just call Alpha Storage and we will solve your problems. Need to store your goods to break the housing chain? Again, Alpha Storage provides the convenient, flexible solution.

Why do individuals like Alpha Storage?

Because we offer:
•  The perfect solution to individuals who need to reclaim valuable space at home;
•  Safe and secure storage for valuable items, for customers renting their house or flat or whilst away on holiday;
•  Temporary storage whilst re-decorating;
•  Monthly invoicing with an all inclusive storage fee;
•  Competitive prices and excellent service;
•  Discounts for long term pre-paid rentals;
•  Access 7 days a week.


Whether your business is growing or slowing, Alpha Storage can provide you with a cost effective way to
manage your business. Each Alpha Storage site provides access to your goods 7 days a week,
comprehensive security and modern storage conveniences.

Unlike other storage companies, Alpha Storage specifically targets business users as an important part
of our customers. Our mission is to become an extension of your business users’ premises.

Why do businesses like Alpha Storage?

Because we offer:
•  An in-expensive solution, which allows customers to free up expensive floor-space in the office;
•  Private steel partitioned rooms which can be used to store excess;
•  Supplies inventory, archive and surplus office furniture;
•  Shelving, useful for archive storage of all those dead files;
•  Monthly invoicing with an all inclusive storage fee;
•  Competitive prices and excellent service;
•  Long or short term rental periods;
•  Access 7 days a week.


Confidential, secure off-site document storage with archive boxes.

With government regulations requiring your company to keep records for a minimum of seven years, storing
all the archive documents can take up valuable office space. Moving files into our secure off-site document
storage facility frees up costly floor area for more profitable uses. Whether you need to store just a few archive
boxes or hundreds we’ll have a document storage solution to suit you.